1.) Will the use of a non Original Toner void the Warranty of my equipments?

The answer is NO. Most laser equipment manufacturers do not recommend the use of another Toner other than the original one as they want to keep the control of the market .Most laser equipment manufacturers are in the business of selling new toner supplies under their brand name. Nevertheless, you can be sure that this practice to void Warranty because of the use of Non Original Cartridge is against the Law.

2.) Does the TonerRefill Kit cause any damage to my laser equipment?

NO. You have to perform all the steps of our Kit instructions and then recheck them before to use your toner cartridge in your laser machine.
It doesn’t take more than ten minutes to perform all the steps. Recycling is saving for the future, helping to keep our landfill clean with less plastic that is not biodegraded.

3.) Is this practice health Safety?YES! Toner is a nontoxic substance of plastic, iron and a very small amount of pigment (this information was provided by the OEM manufacturers). It’s advisable to perform the Toner Kit job in a well-ventilated area, especially when using the melt and the refilling process. It’s safe to refill a cartridge as long as you follow the instructions that we provide you along with our Kit.


4.) Does the TonerKit provide the same number of prints as the original Toner?YES. The toner used in our TonerKit weights the same as the original toner provided by the branded name. The number of pages is always based on 5% coverage of the page (OEM new cartridge criteria adopted).As you know, when you use your printer, fax or copier, the number of pages that you print varies according to the amount of toner required to print such pages.


5.) What will be the final quality of a product that is used in a TonerKit in comparison with the original Product?You will have the same quality or even better quality. We use the highest quality of supplies available in the market that many times surplus the original toner cartridge.


6.) What do you mean with “Starter Kit”?

Our Starter Kit contains everything that you need to perform your refill:
TonerRefill Kit (Bottle of toner, latex gloves, plug (if applicable), chip (if applicable) and refilling instructions)

You may also need the "HOLE MAKER" tool, if is applicable to your toner cartridge, please check at our refillkit for your equipment (laser printer, copier and fax machines, toner based). If it is applicable to your toner cartridge you will have to buy it only once, since they can be used over and over again.

After you learn how to refill your cartridge yourself, you can use the same "HOLE MAKER" tool,

whenever you need it again. From this start, you will have to purchase only our toner kit to refill your cartridge


7.) What should I do when the drum of my cartridge wears out? Of course, the Drum of your toner cartridge won't last forever. It's not a life time guaranteed. The average drum life is no more than three refilling cycles. However, it could last more or less than that.
The drum life will depends in for how long you use your equipment uninterrupted and/or the thickness of the paper that you are using for you printing jobs. Any paper more than 20 lbs thicker will wear out your drum faster.
As the drum is the "soul" of the cartridge, it should be in good condition for you to have good print results.


8.) Can I use any toner in my cartridge? Are all toners the same?
No, you cannot. There is a difference in the toner composition and thickness. Each Toner Cartridge has its specific toner, with its specific weight. The only thing that makes the toners the same is the High Quality of the Toner that we provide.
9.) If your toner refill is “Excellent” why you offer a “Premium Compatible Toner?
As we live in a "Free Country", we also believe that our customers should have options - "Be free to make their choices".
If you choose to buy our Premium Compatible Toner Cartridge you will be able to use it for future refills

10.) Which step is considered the most difficult in the refilling process?

All the steps are easy and no difficulties will be found. When you fully follow the instructions, you will realize that the refilling process is very simple and easy to do.

11.) Are all the toner made by the same manufacturer?No. We use a Highest quality Toner from different manufacturers that exceeds the original one, providing you with an excellence final print.


12.) Can I refill the same cartridge indefinitely? It is not recommended to refill your cartridge more than three times consecutively. You should not use the same cartridge more than three complete cycles. The drum and other supplies will wear out. We suggest to our customer to use another cartridge to be refilled again. You have three choices:
a) Buy a new original Toner Cartridge and pay a lot of money for it;
b) Buy our Premium Compatible Toner Cartridge, which is also ready for future refills.
c) Buy our empty toner cartridge that was completely disassembled, cleaned, post tested, holes and plugs in place ready to be refilled.


13.) Why doesn’t more business recycle?Many businesses have tried to recycle products in the past with poor results. The key is to find a supplier that delivery the high quality that they promise, and we at TonerRefillKityourself don’t promise, we guarantee.


14.) Why Toner Refill yourself Kit? The annual savings average is from 60% to 80% based on the cost per page when using a Toner Refill Kit. The greater the toner cartridge usage, the more dollars you will save.


15.) Is the refill process a “Risk Free”? The supplies provided by us will give you a better print quality for photo reproductions than do new toner cartridges. When the process of Toner Refill yourself is performed accurately it will give you a high printing quality without damaging your laser printer, fax or copier.

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